DEI Publications

Affirmative Action Plan

As a contractor with over 50 employees and government contracts in excess of $50,000, FIU is required to develop and implement a written affirmative action program (AAP) every year. The University maintains and reviews the Affirmative Action Plan annually.

Read the 2022 Affirmative Action Plan Overview

Inaugural DEI Report


Read our Inaugural DEI Report, which covers the University's efforts related to DEI from launching the Equity Action Initiative in the Summer of 2020 to the Summer of 2022. 

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Florida Equity Report


The Florida Educational Equity Act, FS 1000.05, and other state and federal legislation mandate that students and employees should not be discriminated against on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, or marital status. In addition to statutory guidelines of the Equity Accountability Program Report, FS 1012.95, require that each state University maintain an annual equity plan for appropriate representation of women and minorities in senior level faculty and administrative positions. The Florida Equity Report addresses three major areas: Enrollment, Gender Equity in Athletics, and Employment.

Read the Florida Equity Report

Equity Action Initiative


Over the summer of 2020, University Leadership commissioned the Equity Action Initiative (EAI). The EAI was a call to action to help improve the climate for and reality of equality, dignity, inclusion, and belonging. Bold measures were proposed and accepted. These proposals are designed to disrupt and root out any manifestations of racism, bigotry and implicit bias. Recommendations have been made that will foster enhanced diversity and inclusion for members of FIU’s Black community as well as other groups who feel excluded from the fairness, opportunity and equal treatment called for by our mission and values.

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