Created to give Black professors a voice and to increase visibility, the Black Faculty Association (BFA) developed as a faculty-led grass roots movement. Spearheaded by #BlackInTheIvory and the tragic death of George Floyd, Black faculty gathered in solidarity asking what steps should we take. From that initial meeting attended by less than fifteen, a decision emerged to engage others in the desire to form the BFA. In a true grass-roots style, the movement grew to include every Black faculty at FIU. With this idea of cohesiveness and unity, the BFA operates in an organizational structure system honoring African leadership styles.

The BFA utilizes a cross-functional organizational structure, or matrix model that keeps flatness as a critical factor. Leaders interact with one another and can influence decisions and actions throughout the organization. The purpose of flatness is to minimize strict hierarchical procedures for communication and decision-making. Members can communicate and bring ideas to leaders without a formal outline to follow.

Specifically, the BFA categorizes and links leadership roles to functioning. In academia there is an emphasis on the traditional components of research, teaching, and service. The BFA includes these established aspects, as well as creating an additional one: professional development and mentoring. Leadership roles in BFA align with these functions. For example, we have a director for research, teaching, service, professional development and mentoring, and an overall director who serves to coordinate the vision and mission.

  • Mission

    The Black Faculty Association (BFA) of Florida International University (FIU) is an organization that exists to promote unity, increase productivity, and enrich the morale among Black faculty. The BFA seeks to provide a greater awareness and understanding to FIU of the systemic factors impacting Black faculty.

    Through comprehending these dynamics, the mission is to establish within FIU an institutional culture that provides conflict resolution and support to Black faculty seeking an inclusive, objective, and conducive work environment.

  • Vision

    Inspire, lead, and provide a voice to current and future Black scholars at FIU and create the next generation of Black excellence and governance. Through this leadership, the BFA sets the standard on how an innovative urban, multicultural Research 1/Very High research university located in a multi-lingual setting can impact the university setting, local community, state, and nation; thus, making FIU a first-choice destination for esteemed Black academics from around the world.

BFA Faculty Highlights

Dr. Derrick Glymph, Ph.D., DNAP, CRNA, APRN, COL., USAR, FAANA, FAAN


Dr. Glymph is the Enrollment and Global Initiative Coordinator and Clinical Associate Professor in the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Department of Graduate Nursing at Florida International University (FIU) where he has dedicated over 10 years of service. Dr. Glymph started his over 20-year career in nursing as a licensed practical nurse and continued to advance in practice as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Dr. Glymph received his Associate and Bachelor of Sciences degrees from Norfolk State University (1995 and 1997), and his Master of Science and Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice from Virginia Commonwealth University (2004 and 2010).  Dr. Glymph recently finished his second Ph.D. in Nursing Science from the University of South Florida. Dissertation title: “Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) vs. 12-Step Group Therapy: A Comparative Analysis of Adherence and Abstinence in Patients with Opioid Use Disorder.”  Dr. Glymph was also a Governor appointed member of the Florida Board of Nursing for 6 years and served as the editor-in-chief of the Florida Nursing Quarterly Journal and currently is on the Editorial committee of three journals: AANA Journal, Current Review for Nurse Anesthetist, and Journal of Nursing Regulation. He was recently appointed to the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetist (NBCRNA) Board of Directors with term to start in 2023 and holds a staff appointment with Memorial Healthcare System. Dr. Glymph served as Chair of the Department of Nurse Anesthesia at FIU and currently teaches in the Department of Graduate Nursing, in the DNP Program.  In addition, Dr. Glymph holds the rank of Colonel in the United States Army Reserves and serves as the Deputy Commander of Nursing for the 7456 Medical Operations Readiness Unit.  Dr. Glymph’s experiences include Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan along with multiple leadership positions in the military and academia.  Dr. Glymph recently developed a micro-credential badge for all healthcare providers on Safe Opioid Prescribing Strategies. Dr. Glymph, also was inducted into the 2021 Inaugural class of Fellow of American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (FAANA) and 2021 Fellow of American Academy of Nursing (FAAN).

BFA Director Responsibilities & Duties

  • BFA Director

    This position is the overall director and serves as a liaison to FIU administration, as well as coordinates meetings and assists in guiding the vision and aim of the BFA.

    1. Overall director and serves as a liaison between FIU administration and BFA constituents
    2. Coordinates and facilitates meetings
    3. Assists in guiding the vision and mission of the BFA
    4. Serves as spokesperson for the BFA
    5. Settles disputes
    6. Help provide leadership in the form of training, mentoring, advocacy movements
    7. Helps coordinates BFA-related events (i.e., awards ceremony)
    8. Provides written documents such as BFA statements
    9. Collaborates with all BFA Directors
    10. Helps to develop innovative strategies to increase presence and visibility of BFA
    11. Be available to stand in for any of the other directors as requested/needed
    12. Attend all meetings and communicate to BFA updates during those meetings
  • Director of Research

    This position is the research team director, and will regularly provide correspondence regarding research opportunities and grant writing, as well as serving as a liaison to other FIU research bodies (e.g., ORED).

    1. Create repository highlighting faculty’s research interests and intellectual pursuits
    2. Develop, implement, and facilitate research writing teams
    3. Identify cross-discipline connections and link those faculty together
    4. Liaison between BFA and other FIU offices (i.e., Office of Research and Economic Development/ORED)
    5. Help create programs to expand faculty’s research and grant networks
    6. Construct and sustain a system indicating faculty’s grant submissions and approvals
    7. Maintain database of grant foundations receptive toward Black scholarly work
    8. Maintain database of academic journals receptive towards Black scholarly work
    9. Create research and grant infrastructure for faculty
    10. Connect students (undergraduate/graduate) to faculty with similar research interests 
    11. Be available to stand in for any of the other directors as requested/needed
    12. Attend all meetings and communicate to BFA updates during those meetings
  • Director of Service

    This position is the service team director, and will advocate for BFA members and inform FIU administration on the excessive service obligations placed on Black faculty that stifle scholastic productivity.

    1. Assess the climate, expectations, and needs of service assignments in various colleges, schools, and departments across the university that impact Black Faculty (i.e., selection committees)
    2. Develop and maintain systems of accountability
    3. Be a liaison with FIU offices (e.g., Office of Faculty Leadership and Success) to promote equity and diversity in faculty service assignments
    4. Provide recommendations to diversity representatives in the various colleges and departments
    5. Be a liaison and support mechanism between the BFA and administration (Deans and Chairs) to disseminate information and recommendations
    6. Create and maintain a database of service awards and honors available for BFA members
    7. Support faculty in award applications
    8. Partner with FIU administrators and offices to ensure awardees and nominees receive broadcasting within the university community
    9. In conjunction with the Director of Outreach and partnerships, create partnerships with representatives in the community and other minority institutions (i.e. HBCUs) within the state of Florida to provide community and professional opportunities for BFA members
    10. Inform BFA committee of updates at scheduled meetings
    11. Be available to stand in for any of the other directors as requested/needed
    12. Attend all meetings and communicate to BFA updates during those meetings
  • Director of Teaching

    This position is the teaching team director, and will be the liaison to BFA members and other FIU bodies on teaching practices and other cultural factors that impact Black faculty when instructing students (i.e., racial biases).

    1. Assess the climate, expectations, and needs of teaching assignments in various colleges schools, and departments
    2. Communicate with department heads and faculty to disseminate information, opportunities, and recommendations of the BFA
    3. Advocate for advancement and training in multiple modalities: F2F, online, remote, and hybrid in collaboration with CAT, FIU Online, etc.
    4. Promote equity and diversity in faculty course assignments by consulting with department heads, for alignment with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and applicable university and school policies
    5. Support adjunct and contingent faculty by providing opportunities for professional development and mentoring with full-time faculty
    6. Facilitate the recruitment and hiring of underrepresented populations into teaching positions at all levels
    7. Be a liaison between the BFA and FIU offices (e.g., Center for the Advancement of Teaching)
    8. Provide faculty with tips, strategies, and methods on teaching
    9. Inform faculty and administration on how racial biases impact teaching evaluations
    10. Facilitate workshops for doctoral students interested in teaching
    11. Be available to stand in for any of the other directors as requested/needed
    12. Attend all meetings and communicate to BFA updates during those meetings
  • Director of Professional Development and Mentoring

    This position is the professional development and mentoring team director and will monitor membership, recruit members, and provide direction for mentoring Black undergraduate, graduate, and faculty.

    1. Monitor and evaluate membership for growth and stability
    2. Report on positive and negative fluctuations in membership
    3. Keep record of undergraduate and graduate students associated with the BFA
    4. Create strategic initiatives to grow BFA membership
    5. Create strategic initiatives to develop professional development (i.e., seminars, workshops)
    6. Provide direction for mentoring undergraduate/graduate students, and faculty members
    7. Work in coordination with other FIU organizations (i.e., Office for Faculty Success; Office to Advance Women, Equity, and Diversity)
    8. Help in creating pipelines for faculty leadership at FIU
    9. Maintain repository on universities that offer incentives for graduate students and/or are established as first-choice destinations for Black faculty
    10. Actively promote the BFA and recruit members (faculty)
    11. Be available to stand in for any of the other directors as requested/needed
    12. Attend all meetings and communicate to BFA updates during those meetings

Immediate Goals

Impact Students (undergraduate and graduate)

To improve equitable and broad assess to higher education, this proposal seeks to develop a “HBCU Day” with colleges and universities in the state for them to come and visit FIU. The aim is to foster a bi-directional partnership with HBCUs to build relationships and recruit Black graduate students and create a pipeline for Black doctoral students to look at FIU as a work destination.

Impact Faculty

To accelerate the demographics of the academy, the BFA will aim is to create an infrastructure for increased collaboration between FIU offices and Black faculty. This organization would have a tri-fold purpose: (1). Develop pipeline for cross-discipline grant opportunities among Black faculty;(2). Expand Black faculty’s research and teaching networks by introducing faculty to others with similar intellectual pursuits; (3). Increase Black faculty’s visible presence in leadership roles, institutional direction, and strategic planning.

Impact Institutional Climate and Culture

To elevate bold ideas that support the generation of just societies in academia, the BFA will hold enhanced workshops, seminars, and teaching sessions independently and in collaboration with other entities with students, faculty, staff, and administration. The purpose of these training programs is to produce positive significant changes in empathy and understanding within the university that can assist in transforming the culture of the academy by reducing racism, discrimination, and sexism.


  • Formed and filled Leadership Positions and invited faculty to join program committees: Professional development, service, research and teaching.

  • Established a social media presence: @FIUBlackFaculty and webpage

  • Professional Development: Hosted workshops for faculty in collaboration with FIU partners, i.e, AWED, CAT, UFF-FIU, and the Ferre Institute.