Equity Action Initiative

Over the summer of 2020, University Leadership commissioned the Equity Action Initiative (EAI). The EAI was a call to action to help improve the climate for and reality of equality, dignity, inclusion, and belonging. Read the full message here. 

Bold measures were proposed and accepted. These proposals are designed to disrupt and root out any manifestations of racism, bigotry and implicit bias. Recommendations have been that that will foster enhanced diversity and inclusion for members of FIU’s Black community as well as other groups who feel excluded from the fairness, opportunity and equal treatment called for by our mission and values.

Every action taken will support and help make the FIU community and our world to be a better place

Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion El pagnier Hudson has discussed the university’s push for racial equality across the institution. 

picture of valerie patterson, delrish moss and el pagnier hudson

Dr. Valerie Patterson (left), Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration in the Green School, Delrish Moss (center), Captain in our FIU Police Department and former Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief, and El pagnier Hudson (right), Senior Vice President of Human Resources, and Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, served as EAI core advisors.

The progress of individual items from the Equity Action Initiative Proposal are listed below. Click here to read the proposal in its entirety.

    Planned         In Progress         Completed   


Creating an executive level diversity, equity, and inclusion structure

Establishes a placement for the right senior leadership to lead the university’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work in a way that disrupts the status quo, leads the charge in eradicating systemic racism and unearths inequities lurking subtly in our structure.

Reforming hiring, promotional, and performance management practices 

Explores the current constructs and potential for adverse action across all hiring and promotional decisions, at each step, to identify discriminatory practices and lead to long-term, sustainable change.

Campus climate survey

Launch a campus climate survey to have a baseline on the feeling of belonging for Black faculty, staff, and students and inform future action plans.

Police reform 

Outlines initiatives intended to advance training, promote community policing, support diversity efforts, examine alternative controlling techniques, and create a more rigorous and comprehensive apparatus for reporting misconduct.


Learners will discover key terms and definitions as well as gain a fundamental understanding of concepts related to social justice.

Tenure process review and restitution 

Destination FIU: Expanding Pathways for Black Faculty and Students 

Proposes tactics to institutionalize FIU as a destination for Black faculty and students at all levels of scholarly pursuit, including at the junior and senior faculty ranks and administrative level as well as the doctoral and undergraduate student levels.

Mentoring & advocacy 

Provides a framework for mentoring and advocacy of the Black constituency at FIU.

SAT/Standardized test reform 

Examines alternative admission criteria that could be used to replace the SAT and ACT in the admissions process (presently, these high-stake examinations are required by the State University System of Florida and significant reform to eliminate these assessments as a barrier to higher education access will require long-term strategic planning). However, there are new precedents, exceptions, and alternative pathways that can be supported in the interim to increase access to students from underrepresented groups, particularly Black students.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Classroom: A Holistic Vision for Change 

Outlines details for a data driven, systemic and developmental pathway toward equitable outcomes for Black students at FIU.

Enhancing the African and African Diaspora Studies Program


Seeks to make Juneteenth an official day of observance at FIU.

Community Initiative: People, processes/procurement & prosperity 
FIU faculty senate resolution on racial, social, and community justice 

Establishing a Black Faculty Association 

Creates an organization that not only advocates for Black faculty, but can provide a safe space, offering protection against racism, thus avoiding excessive mental stress and fatigue.

Green Library Equity Action Initiative  

Brings together units within the FIU community sharing common goals (such as the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab, the African and African Diaspora Studies Program, Department of History, and the Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment) in collaboration with the larger South Florida archival community, to transform the way regional history is preserved, give voice to those who are silenced through the historical record as it is, and provide space for a narrative more equitable, inclusive, and accessible to all.

Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU Equity Action Initiative 

Presents “BLACK LIVES IN A JEWISH CONTEXT,” a virtual series of films, illustrated lectures, and interviews with scholars, historians, and clergy members around diversity and intersectionality within Judaism

Increase admission, student retention, and degrees awarded for the minority of the minority
FIU Intergroup dialogue for social justice 

Equitable Panther Procurement Initiative 

Develops a diversity specific infrastructure to successfully engage with Black-owned businesses.

Implementing a Campus Climate Support Team (CCS) 

Facilitates ongoing campus climate assessments and education, reviewing bias-related incidents, and proactively addressing these occurrences on campus.

Student Government resolution establishing Juneteenth as a university holiday at FIU