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The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is here to provide education and learning related to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, civil rights compliance, Title IX topics and more.

Below, please find a menu of educational/learning opportunities, however, we are not limited to what is listed below. If there are unique trends or behaviors within your unit that you would like for us to address, specialized sessions can be created. Our team will work directly with each individual request to ensure our presentations meet your needs.

Training requests must be requested four weeks in advance of the scheduled date(s). Please prepare your audience (at least 8 attendees) for 1-2 hours of engaging discussion.

Featured Training Topics

  • Implicit/Unconscious Bias Training

    This training explains and focuses on the concept of unconscious bias and shows learners how their gut feelings if left unchecked, can lead to decisions and behaviors that help some people and prohibit others from having access. This training is great for large departments and small teams that desire to create a more equitable workplace.

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging for All: Manager Learning Series

    This unique program will provide FIU leaders with real, inclusive connections about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and its importance and value at FIU. Through a blended learning approach, managers will gain knowledge and growth opportunities that are the cornerstone of a successful workplace culture where inclusion and belonging are celebrated. This four-week learning series will teach managers about the challenges and opportunities inherent in working at a diverse organization.

  • Microaggressions Training

    This training dives deep into what microaggressions are and how it impacts humans in the workplace. The goal of this training is to create an awareness of common occurrences of microaggressions. Explore the impact it has on the workplace environment and the overall well-being of staff.

  • Sexual Harassment & Sexual Misconduct Training

    This training focuses on FIU-105, FIU’s regulation prohibiting sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and other sex-based conduct. Topics covered include bystander intervention, discussion on conduct prohibited under FIU-105, reporting mandates, the prohibition on retaliation, Title IX, supportive measures, and resources. The training highlights the University’s formal grievance process for adjudicating complaints, including investigations and live hearings.

  • CRCA Resources Training

    This training covers topics of unlawful discrimination and harassment (Title VI/VII), sexual harassment (Title IX) and sexual misconduct, retaliation, and the reasonable accommodation (ADA) process, which fall under the purview of the Office of Civil Rights Compliance and Accessibility (CRCA). The training highlights conduct prohibited under FIU-105 and FIU-106, CRCA’s process for investigating and resolving complaints, and how individuals with qualifying disabilities can request reasonable workplace accommodations.

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