DEI Badges

FIU has created badges to promote the development and education of diversity, equity, and inclusion topics among our University community. A Micro-Credential is a digital representation of a competency that a learner can demonstrate. By earning a Micro-Credential, you are able to identify skills to strengthen your competitiveness as a current student and for your post-graduation success. Micro-Credentials are available online, in-person, or hybrid formats, and are taught by members of the FIU faculty and staff team. Micro-Credentials are designed to prepare all learners with critical skills for the 21st century.

FIU DEI Badge: Fundamentals of Social Justice

Fundamentals of Social Justice Badge

The Office of Social Justice and Inclusion defines Social Justice as the redistribution of power and opportunity to create equity, diversity, and civic engagements for marginalized groups in a supportive environment. The Social Justice Badge Program will enable individuals to develop self, group, and societal values which lead to a commitment to change.

Individuals who take part or complete this program will:

  • Demonstrate understanding of social injustices and inequities;
  • Identify proposed approaches toward remediation and/or resolution;
  • Create an understanding across cultural differences;
  • Address social injustices and inequities in innovative, integrative, analytical, and ethical ways;
  • Engage independently and reflectively in life-long learning;
  • Identify personal biases and develop techniques on how to mitigate them; and
  • Serve, collaborate, and lead our FIU community as an advocate for positive change.

For more information on this badge, visit the Office of Social Justice and Inclusion’s website.

FIU DEI Badge: Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders

Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders (WELL) Badge

The Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders (WELL) badge is offered by FIU’s Women’s Center within the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. The purpose of the badge is to provide students who demonstrate the burgeoning aptitude and continued development towards empowerment and equity with recognition for career aspirations. To earn this badge, students demonstrate the following outcomes by reflecting on how they developed and/or utilized skills, policies, or knowledge while participating in various gender or identity specific co-curricular activities:

  • Cultivate Interpersonal and Essential Life Skills to Enable Effective Relationships with Others
  • Facilitate Experiences that Improves the Educational Relevance, Quality and Learning Environment for All Genders; Particularly for Women
  • Transform Gender Norms & Practices to Be Agents of Social Change or Create Awareness & Solutions Around Stereotypes and Inequality
  • Advocacy for Gender-Equitable Policies

For more information on this badge, visit the Women’s Center website.

FIU Badge: Foundations of Diversity, Equity and Belonging

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging for All: Manager Learning Series Badge

This unique program will provide FIU leaders with real, inclusive connections about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and its importance and value at FIU. Through a blended learning approach, managers will gain knowledge and growth opportunities that are the cornerstone of a successful workplace culture where inclusion and belonging are celebrated. This four-week learning series will teach managers about the challenges and opportunities inherent in working at a diverse organization.

This program will include four sessions:

  • Session 1 – DEI: Understanding the Role You Play
  • Session 2 – Thriving Across Our Differences with Inclusive Conversations
  • Session 3 – Communicating with a Culturally Sensitive Lens
  • Session 4 – Inclusive Leadership: Change Starts with YOU

For more information on this badge, visit