Juneteenth 2021 Recap

Events available to watch on-demand

Opening Ceremony

Recorded live on 6/14/21

Looking Back, Moving Forward - What’s Next @ FIU

Recorded live on 6/14/21

Hosted by the Center for Leadership at FIU in partnership with the Office of Engagement, the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs, and the Maurice Ferré Institute for Civic Leadership, the special edition of the Leading Well series offers a historical perspective on Juneteenth by Dr. Alexandra Cornelius followed by a panel discussion on Juneteenth today and how FIU’s leadership is making progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • Dr. Alexandra Cornelius, Director for Center for Women’s and Gender Studies & Associate Teaching Professor
  • El pagnier Kay (EK) Hudson, Senior Vice President for Human Resources & Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Saif Y. Ishoof, Vice President for Engagement
  • Moderated by Dr. Nathan Hiller, Executive Director for Center for Leadership & Associate Professor of Global Leadership and Management

Juneteenth: Education, Celebration, and Healing: A Teach-In

Recorded live on 6/16/21

“Juneteenth: Education, Celebration, and Healing: A Teach-In” is a virtual, public-facing program designed to engage the widest possible audience on topics related to the history of Juneteenth, the ways it is experienced and celebrated by African Americans today, and the myriad social justice issues that cohere around it. The program brings together 5 public figures, scholars, activists, and artists, who together shed needed light on the past and inspire a hopeful vision for the future. Each guest will speak for a maximum of 8 minutes, keeping the pace of the program lively and accessible to a general audience. By approaching Juneteenth from various artistic and disciplinary perspectives, we hope to engender conversation even among those who know Juneteenth inside and out, while educating those who don’t on the fundamentals. We use the word “teach-in” deliberately, a nod to the sit-ins of the Civil Rights Era, as a way to point to the unique combination of advocacy and education that the program puts forth.

Financial Literacy Seminar

Recorded live on 6/17/21

Attendees at all levels of financial literacy will be engaged in a discussion centering on wealth building, financial planning, and the historical disenfranchisement of marginalized communities. Join us in learning and sharing strategies to support saving, credit building/management, and personal finances.