Diversity Statements

Diversity Statement

Florida International University values diversity, equity, and inclusion as integral to our mission as a student-centered public research university strongly focused on learning, research, entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity so that its graduates are prepared to succeed in a global market. FIU embraces and strives to ensure that a diversity of cultures, races and ethnicities, genders, political and religious beliefs, physical and learning differences, sexual orientations and identities is thriving on our campus and within our community.

We recognize our responsibility to foster an open, welcoming, and inclusion environment of belonging. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and our community of all backgrounds should be able to collaboratively learn and work. Diversity enriches our university community and is a driving force instrumental to our institutional success.

FIU has a deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to ensuring our faculty and staff reflect the diversity of our local community and our student body. We commit to engaging in an ongoing  and thoughtful dialogue about the changing realities of our increasingly interconnected world. We will continually strive to work together to address the challenges of the future in a way that removes barriers to success and promotes a culture of inclusivity, compassion, and mutual respect within the classroom, workplace, and in all aspect of life.

The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) serves as a strategic campus partner to support the increasing needs of a diverse community. We lead strategic and campus-wide efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. By emphasizing access, diversity education, and outreach to promote personal and professional growth to foster a climate of inclusion within a diverse community, and establishing partnerships to support coordination with existing campus diversity efforts.

Anti-Racist Statement

We commit to affirm explicitly and in united solidarity our identity as an anti-racist academic institution.

We commit to personal and institutional exploration and examination of implicit bias and systemic advantage/oppression such that our anti-racism commitment be reflected in the life and culture of university through our policies, programs, and practices as we continue to learn about racism and ethnic oppression.

We commit to the development and implementation of strategies and best-practices that dismantle systemic racism and ethnic oppression within all aspects of our university, community and society.

Photo of individuals holding a sign that says Racism is the Virus at a march

Florida International University affirms its commitment to recognizing, addressing and eradicating all forms of racism and ethnic oppression. Our focus is to engage, collaborate, teach, serve, and create scholarship that challenges longstanding oppressive and racially prejudiced forces. We are committed to reducing racial injustices within the academy and beyond. FIU is united in its pursuit to end racial and ethnic bias and to empower our students, faculty, and staff towards this collective goal. 

Recognizing that bias can be unconscious or unintentional and that racism is the combination of social privilege, coupled with institutional power and racial prejudice, we are committed to optimizing opportunities to educate and inform while we expose and challenge behaviors that do not align with equitable practices of inclusion and belonging.  

Engaging in meaningful conversations on systemic racism, oppression, and the origins of privileged mindsets, requires courage, respect and empathy.  Such conversations may not always be comfortable. We are committed to having the uncomfortable conversations to identify, discuss and challenge issues of race, color, ethnicity and the impact(s) they have on students, faculty, and staff members.

Anti-harassment Statement

Florida International University affirms its commitment to ensure that each member of the University community shall be permitted to work or study in an environment free from any form of illegal discrimination, including race, color, sex, pregnancy, religion, age, disability, national origin, marital status, and veteran status.

The University recognizes its obligation to work towards a community in which diversity is valued and opportunity is equalized. FIU has two policies – FIU-105 Sexual Harassment (Title IX) and Sexual Misconduct and FIU-106 Nondiscrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (Title VI) – that communicate standards of workplace and educational equity, expectations of collegiality and respect, and the grievance process for behaviors that may be in violation of either of these regulations.

Applicant pools for faculty, staff, administrative, and temporary positions across the University are reviewed to ensure that they represent the diversity of the University community. The University charges each search committee to conduct their proceedings in a fair manner that reduces implicit bias and promotes diversity in the recruitment and selection of full-time faculty and senior-level staff positions.

Training and support are provided to business units, departments, and colleges on a consistent basis to supplement the University’s values of diversity and inclusion.

Photo of students gathered behind an FIU Pride flag at a Pride parade